Change & Refund policy

You have 30 calendar days to change an item from the date you received it.

To be eligible for a change or a refund, your item must be either:

A) of the wrong size due to our mistake (e.g.: your order clearly states you purchased a size M and you received a size L instead).

B) damaged on arrival, with holes in fabric or print imperfections. Please check your product accurately when you receive it, in case you spot any of said imperfections, contact us promptly at so that we can help you with haste.

When contacting us, please include the purchase number you got along with our email on order completion.

We will take full responsibility of your satisfaction once you will specify your preferred option.

We are not responsible though, in any way, for any other post-check-out conditions that don't fit in none of the above cases (e.g.: you bought and received an item that fit your order, in mint conditions and perfect quality print, but you wish to change it due to your personal preferences or a mistake you made during checkout).

Please complete your orders carefully.

 If you wish to change your order, you can contact us within 60 minutes since you completed it. We'll help you edit it or cancel it.