Our Artists

Some of the Artists that joined the Weart movement so far.

Here, experienced and unexperienced Artists meet, spreading their message, getting inspired, learning something new, improving every day and earning a little extra, or a proper revenue, from their collection.


   Daniele Caluri

     Comic Artist from Livorno, Italy. Author of Don Zauker, Luana la Bebisitter, Fava di Lesso, Nirvana,         L'Ispettore Buddha and Slobo & Golem

     He collected numerous collaborations with famous authors, and he is also known for his work with il Vernacoliere, a satyric magazine very popular in Italy.

chiaramagnifoto_1.jpg?t=1544635778                                                                               Chiara Magni

Chiara Magni is a lifetime-long painter from the amazing Garda Lake

She mastered different mediums and technique such as water colors, acrylics, pencils, abstracts using inks, stucco, resins and metallic paint; after all this she understood the perfect medium was pure oil paint and the best technique to express her full creativity is finger painting.

Finger painting is a special technique in which the artist only uses her fingertips to create unique art.  

The color is much more alive and the paint is tridimensional and very rich in texture as it is applied pure directly from the tube to the canvas, without any solvents or thinners.

Sam%20D_1.jpg?t=1544636344  Samcollaged

    Sam Dodson is a professional artist and former musician in Loop Guru and the Transmitters

    His art explores collage in varying forms with intervention and construction. 

    Recently three of Sam’s works have been featured in Dada and Surrealism publications and several  magazines. 

Two of his works have appeared on album sleeves. 

Recently he's been involved in a project called fivers4artistic alongside such luminaries as Sir Peter Blake, Gilbert and George, Ralph Steadman and Damien Hirst amongst others. 

The project involves decorating old five pound notes in whatever form you like these will be exhibited and then sold at auction at Sotheby's. Proceeds go to charity. Also he has exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery London as part of the sold out Cash is King project.


  Claudia Zamberia was born in Nairobi, Kenya.   

She graduated from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, with an award for excellence in      Creative Multimedia.   

She then moved to Florence, Italy, to continue her studies, where she began a course in Fine Arts.  

Since then, she has exhibited her paintings at the heart of Florence, Italy and is driven to expand herself through art. 

Her recent collection of Alter Egos was exhibited both at the Galleria Immaginaria and at the FirenZen Resturant, via Guelfa, Florence, while her sequence of pieces entitled "Scraping Through the Embers" were exhibited at the Galleria Merlino.